System Subscription Service

We render the following services to the Customer in line with the subscription agreement:

  • quick fixes via helpline
  • system updates due to the current legislation changes
  • system versions and reporting forms updates. In case of a system update, the Customer receives a detailed description of changes and modifications made.

A list of services is included in the agreement of the parties, for example, fly-in/fly-out of experts to the Customer site to consult users on workplaces during reporting periods, etc.

Fly-In/Fly-Out to the Customer Side

In case of emergency, or as stipulated in the Customer service agreement, the company specialists have business trips to the Customer side.

Additional Training of Specialists

If additional training is required (e.g. in case of significant system or user changes), additional training can be delivered at the Customer site or at a training centre of the development company.

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