ALEKTA works on your IT so you can work on your business. 

An information system project to be implemented involves a number of activities custom-made for each Customer. With employees of the Customer directly engaged in the process, a plan of works is agreed upon. All developments and settings are in accordance with the approved Technical Specifications. The Customer approves an acceptance method and acceptance tests. Customer employees are trained to work with the information system according to the agreed training programs and schedules. The Customer receives a set of technical documentation for the system.

For each Customer, the enterprise automation project involves stages of designing, development, system launch (or trial operation), piloting, and a follow-through system support at the Customer site at the stage of industrial operation.

From the very start to industrial operation, the information system implementation project lasts:

Project costs depend on each IT solution, based on a scope of works on introduction, integration with other systems, required data availability in electronic form and other factors.

Technology for the information systems implementation

ALEKTA has developed an effective turnkey project implementation solution that brings the real workflow, accounting, and analysis of economic activities seamlessly presented in a split-second as a single IT system in line with the key production processes of the Customer.